Telephone Internet Post

You can buy at the "bancas", newsagents or small supermarkets a phonecard and use it in all blue phones that you see everywhere on the streets. You can also use Skype to make phone calls in most internet cafés and ofcourse from the room in your hotel, but this is pretty expensive.
There are a number of internet cafés in Natal where you can access Internet very cheap. Most of them are located in the shopping areas. In the shopping centre Praia shopping you can also use a headset and a webcam.

If you are with a group it might be easy to buy prepaid cards, so you can just use your mobile phone. If you want to call from Brazil to Europe you must first enter your country code and then the local phone number. The number for Brazil is + 55 and the local area code is 84. You can however just leave it out if you have a European number and want to call in Natal to a local number.

Post OfficeThe post office, ‘Correios’ in Portuguese is located within the shopping centre Praia Shopping. Here you can also buy stamps. Try to find out in advance what you want to ask and how to pronounce it in Portuguese, otherwise it can sometimes be quite difficult to explain what you want. The opening hours are from 08:00 to 17:00, on Saturday from 08:30 to 12:00 and closed on Sundays and Mondays.