The City

Natal, also called the "City of the Sun" with an average of 300 days with more than 10 hours of sunshine a day is Brazils sunniest city. Also according to the NASA the city with the cleanest air in the world.
Located at the mouth of the Pirangi river, the capital of the province of Rio Grande do Norte and with a population of 800.000 Natal is one of the major cities in the North of Brazil.Fisherman Natal City

Known for its 15 kilometre-long coastline, with beaches, cliffs, reefs, and natural coves, but also for its beautiful nature, such as the Parque das Dunas. A protected nature reserve in the city with a surface of 1,172 hectares, a length of 8 km and a width of 2 km. the highest dunes are over 100 meters. In certain areas you can take a walk. There are many attractions in the city, classical buildings from the colonial times, shoppingcentres, markets, malls, the tourist centre and of course an incredible number of
dining places, ranging from small local eateries to luxury restaurants. Food is an important ' social ' event for the Brazilian.
The most famous beach is Ponta Negra, with its promenade, restaurants, shops and hotels, the tourist part of Natal. Here you can find the most famous place of Natal, Morro do Careca, the famous 50 metres high dune of sand that you can see from a distant of kilometres. You can go there for a swim, surfing, Jet skiing and more. In the evening it is an ideal place to stay for something to eat in one of the many restaurants.

In the North of thNatal Citye city we can find Praia dos Artistas, Praia do Meio and Praia do Forte, Areia Preta. Beaches that are less populated by tourists and more by Brazilians, because of their location. Because of the presence of the many rock formations it is a beautiful place to snorkel and play for children, by the many coves and bays that arise at low tide.
On the beach you can find a lot of leisure sports done by locals. Sport is a second nature for the Brazilian. Football is the number one sport, but also capoeira, the world famous dance and martial arts sport from the time of the slaves and various other sports are widely practiced.
Currently, a new football stadium is built in Natal for the WORLD CUP that will take place in Brazil next year.
Around Natal there are also many places and cities to visit, such as Pipa. The area offers
many parts with dunes, forests, lakes and local parks for recreation. We can also find the
largest cashew tree in the world at Natal with a circumference of 500 metres.
The language of Brazil is Portuguese, unfortunately not so many Brazilians speak English,
but they don’t hesitate to make very long conversations with you. They are friendly and
with a great hospitality, they are always prepared to help you. Music and cosiness play an
important role in the life of the population. The people treat each other with respect.
Perhaps that’s why nobody is bothering you. It is without a doubt the cheerful and
welcoming nature of the people that makes this a beautiful destination and an ideal
holiday destination.