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Centro de Turismo - The Tourist Centre
Centro de Turismo
A building that is worth a visit is the tourist centre on Rua Aderbal de Figueiredo, which is located in an old prison. The building is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is already set up as a tourist information centre since 1988. It is situated on a hill in the city, giving you a nice view over Natal. There are 38 craft shops located in the old cells and you can also get a lot of information about the region. Every Thursday night there is organised a folkloric dance event for the tourists. At 10 o'clock in the evening there is ' Forró com Turista ' an exciting dance show for young and old.
Rua Aderbal de Figueiredo, 980
Petrópolis. Natal
Open daily from: 08: 00 to 19: 00

Forte dos Reis Magos – The Fortress of the Sages
The Portuguese built this fort to defend the region. On the 6 of January 1598 on the day of the three kings the fort was ready. There was 30 years working on it. It is built on the tip of the reef that Forte dos Reis Magosmakes a good surface for it. There could only be built at low tide. All materials, including the stones, were imported from Portugal. In 1633 the Dutch conquered the fort and Natal, which was then called New Holland. In 1654 the Portuguese retook the fort again with the help of the Indians. The fort is located on the northern tip of Praia de Meios and at the mouth of the river, strategically well placed to repel attacks. You can visit the fort daily.

Parque das Dunas – The Dunes Park
A protected nature reserve in the city with a surface of 1,172 hectares, a length of 8 km and a width of 2 km. the highest dunes are over 100 meters. The park is very important for Natal, as it Parque das Dunasaffected the weather and protects the subterranean water reservoirs for the city. It is a protected area that is very rich in flora and fauna.
Certain areas are available for a walk. This is the Bosque dos Namorados, with 3 different hiking trails. A short, a long and a children's walk. The sight at certain points is breathtaking. Many groups and schools from Natal come here for education.
Open: Tuesday to Sunday – 08: 00 – 16: 00

Museu Camara Cascudo
A museum with relics that are related to the ancient Indian culture (Potiguares), there is widely exhibited, including bows and arrows.  Museu Camara Cascudo
Also shown is the importance of the sugar and leather industry in this part of Brazil, along with stuffed animals, religious sculptures and an authentic replica of a mine of Currais Novos there is plenty to see.
Avenida Hermes da Fonseca 1398, Natal
Open: Tuesday to Friday-08: 00 to 10: 30, 14: 00 to 16: 30
Saturday and Sunday-13: 00 to 17: 00

Museu de Arte Sacra - Sacred Art Museum
Founded in the late 80’s in the most Catholic country in the world this is for the residents an important museum. The Museum of sacred art can Museu de Arte Sacrabe found at the Igreja Santo Antonio (Church of St. Anthony), which was built in 1760 and is on Rua Santa Antonio. Many valuable pieces are displayed here that are related to the Catholic religion, like the 18th-century paintings. You can also find antique furniture and silverware used in religious ceremonies, jewels and images of Saints.
Rua Santo Antonio 698, Natal
Open: Tuesday to Saturday-09: 00 to 17: 00
Sunday-11: 00 to 17: 00
Admission: free

Museu de Cultura Popular - Museum of Popular Culture
Located within the barrio of Ribeira, the Museu de Cultura Popular opened in 2008 in an attempt to preservMuseu de Cultura Populare the indigenous folk culture. The collection includes a total of 1500 individual pieces, with pictures and works of local artists. There also are shown documentaries of traditional dances and craft demonstrations. The exhibition is divided into different thematic areas about knowledge and activities, art, religious beliefs, dances and traditions.
Praca Augusto Severo, Natal
Open: Monday to Friday-09: 00 to 16: 00
Saturday and Sunday-10: 00 to 16: 00
Admission: free


Natal also has a sea aquarium. Here you can admire the diversity of sea animals that are swimming around at the coast of Brazil. The aquarium also functions as a centre for the reception and care Aquarium Natalof injured animals. The animals are cared for until they can return in nature. The aquarium also provides information on animal welfare, nature and the environment for the schools in the city. A multi-purpose centre that also is visited regularly by local residents.
The most fun part of the aquarium is where you can touch the sharks and rays. A very special experience!
AV. Litoranea, 1091-Redinha Nova,