Praia Shopping

Praia shopping is located near Ponta Negra on AV. Roberto Freire. A shoppingmall with over 100 shops where you can find everything you need on your holiday. There are many different shops, coffee shops, ice cream parlour and ofcourse many dining options. Like most shoppings in Brazil has Praia Shopping also a cinema area. Praia shopping is open until nine o’clock in the evening and on Sunday.
Outside you can find some more touristshops. Here you can usually haggle. At evenings there is often live music in the dining area.
There is also a bank, where you can get money from an ATM machine and there is a post office. In Brazil it is not uncommon in the regular shops to haggle when you buy multiple purchases if you pay cash.

Natal Shopping

Natal Shopping is located on AV. Senator Salgado Filho, the main road that connects the centre of Ponta Negra to Natal. It is a Natal Shopping Mallbeautiful two storey complex with many clothing and shoe stores. Natal Shopping has a very wide range of restaurants and fastfood outlets for a good price. Ofcourse, there is also a cinema complex. On the outside is a supermarket and if you cross the road on the bridge, then you will enter a covered market for vegetables, fruit and ordinary shops. It is the easiest to go there by taxi, but there are also many buses that stop right outside, for those who want to get used with the public transportation in Natal.

Midway Mall

The largest shopping centre is currently Midway Mall. A new shoppingmall not far from Natal Shopping, with more than 200 shops. Midway Mall NatalHere you can really get anything. Absolutely a very full range of stores, diningrooms, coffee corners, movie theatre and also a very large supermarket to complete everything.

There are many smaller shoppingcentres, squares and markets throughout the city and tourist shops on and around the boulevard. The large shopping centres are open until nine o’clock at night and the local stores are often open until midnight.