Food is in Brazil, with mostly two hot meals a day, an important social issue. The love for food brings everyone together.
Even if you have experience with Brazilian food in other parts of Brazil, then you will yet again experience other flavours and dishes in Natal.
RodizioA holiday in Natal cannot be without eating outdoors and always for a price which is significantly lower than what we are used to. A global Brazilian type of restaurant is the Rodizio. There are all kinds of meat at a Rodizio prepared on a large grill and put on a long skewer. The waiter comes to your table with the skewer to cut off a thin slice of meat. There are many types of meat offered, if you want to indicate that you don’t want to eat anymore you turn a card on the table which can be laid from green to red. Definitely a must, additional dishes like vegetables, rice, pasta, salad, desserts and even sushi can also be taken from an unlimited buffet. Rodizio's charge a fixed price, excluding the drink.
You will find a large variety of restaurants everywhere, French, Spanish, Italian and even a Chinese restaurant.
There are also many fast food outlets, these are only with another offer than we are used to, most serve their fast food combined with traditional rice or vegetables, McDonalds is not so popular and so barely present in the streets.
Among the Brazilians are the many small local 'restaurants' very popular. These, with a canteen like appearance, dining Praia Shopping Resaurant Nataloptions are already open in the afternoon and many Brazilians eat here also if they have their break from their work. It is often a buffet where a hot meal can be scooped and where you pay by weight. Usually only a few euros.
Brazil is also known as the land of music, parties and always fun and there can be a drink not the absence.
The national drink is strong, Cachaça! Cachaça is a 400 year old drink made from sugar cane in a similar process as rum. A very popular mix made with Cachaça is Caipirinha. This cocktail also known in Europe, is fresh and in many variations available at all the booze and food outlets. Caipirinha contains Cachaça, cane sugar, ice, lime and possibly other ingredients to make it a specific taste.