Brazil is the country of music, it is the soul of the country. Actually if you listen carefully, you can hear music everywhere all day long and see people dancing and singing. The Brazilians always gets quickly in a good mood ifMusic Natal they hear music somewhere. As a result, there is a very lively nightlife. In many places, in restaurants, cafes and clubs, they play live music, from folklore, samba, reggae, forro to even rock, everything is played here.
Around the boulevard there is always somewhere a place where you can find music in the evening.
On the other side of the city there are a number of places near Praia dos Artistas. For the nightlife you can go to the Complejo Chaplin, Nyx, Seven Pub or Axe café, it's a good idea to take a taxi or a local guide,Nightlife Natal they often know where to go. For those who want to be more among the Brazilians there are often local parties near or on the beach, just ask the local residents, they will be happy to help you. But it could also be just fun in one of the small canteen like cafés that you can find in almost any shoppingstreet or neighbourhood.