Many beaches in and around Natal have some coral reefs. At low tide, these reefs form a beautiful place to snorkel and results in bays that are great for children to play in. There is plenty of choice with a coastline of more than 15 kilometres.

Ponta Negra
The most famous beach in Natal is Ponta Negra, here you can find everything for a real day at the beach. With a stunning view at the famous sand mountain ' Morro do Careca' and a boulevard with many restaurants and tPonta Negra Natalouristshops it is not so hard to spend the day here.

Praia do Meio
To the North we find the beach of Praia do Meio 'the beach in the middle’. It consists of several beaches with a reef where you can swim and surf. The area is actually a military site and therefore accessible only up to five o’clock in the afternoon.
Praia do MeioHere was built the first house between the beach and the city in 1912, named 'the House in the Middle'. Praia do Meio is located between Praia do Forte and the Hotel dos Reis Magos, this is a notorious hotel that was opened in 1965 and was at that time the most famous hotel for the high society. It was known for its exclusive events. Unfortunately this is past glory and it is now closed. Currently there is changing a lot in the infrastructure of this area.

Praia dos Artistas

Praia dos Artistas is the beach where locals like to spend thPraia dos Artistaseir time. It is located from the hotel to the Ponta dos Morcegos, where in the evening the nightlife begins (Chaplin Club). Here used to be a concentration of artists who liked to call themselves all Chaplin, therefore this name kept on hanging around this section.
This beach is very popular by surfers because of the higher waves than at Ponta Negra.

Praia de Areia Preta

The name of this beach means ‘Black Beach’. It's definitely not a Black Beach, but there are many dark spots in the sand Praia de Areia Pretacaused by traces of minerals, making the sand coloured with black spots. Reefs enclose this beach and provide a wild spectacle at spring tide. At low tide the reef is forming large pools where many children can play in.

Via Costeira
This is actually the long road along the dunes park of 10 kilometres between Praia dos Artistas and Ponta Negra. The road is open since 1984 and contains many undisturbed beaches. This is also the place where the large resorts are located. Please note that if you stay here, you always should use buses or a taxi to get to the other parts of the city. The sea is quite calm because there are no reefs in this area.