Joào Pessoa and Pòr Do Sol

A lovely trip to the capital of Paraiba. The city is one of the most wooded areas of Brazil and has beautiful beaches such as Cabo Branco, Alligator or Tip Tambaú. Joào Pessoa and Pòr Do Sol
There are many tourist attractions such as the museum of the Church of San Franciscus, the pond of Solon de Lucena, Ponta do Seixas and numerous craftsman shops. You will already leave at 7 o’clock and we will make a stop in Pòr do Sol. Enjoy the nature at Alligator Beach, located at the mouth of the Paraíba River in the town of Cabedelo.
A wonderful place for a short stop. Once we arrive you can visit the city or one of the beaches and especially enjoy at the beach of Jacare the sound of the famous Ravel's Bolero and Ave Maria. Here you find one of the most famous sunsets of the Northeast.

Price € 35.00 a person. Departure on Tuesday and Friday