Fernando de Noronha 3 days

At a distance of 340 km from the coast we find the most beautiful archipelagos ofFernando de Noronha Brazil.
Fernando de Noronha is a group of islands that has been designated as a protected nature reserve.
The number of tourists that is allowed here at same time is also regulated.
If you arrive by plane, you will see the 322 meters high rock formation Morro do Pico as first, which can be seen from the whole island. It is a natural paradise on land and in the sea.
Especially the waters of Fernando de Noronha are known for the extensive underwater flora and fauna. There are 17 diving locations on the island, where you can enjoy the coral reefs and shipwrecks, inhabited by dolphins, manta rays, barracuda, sharks, sea turtles, moray eels and a variety of other beautiful colourful fishes and marine animals.
Diving is possible for beginners and advanced, but you can also go snorkeling.  A trip with a glass bottom boat is also a possibility. Perhaps the most beautiful is the boat trip along the dolphin bay where sometimes appear up to a few hundred dolphins. A breath taking view. The tour to Fernando de Noronha takes 3 days and 2 nights, including flights, all transfers on Fernando de Noronha and the stay. All extensions are possible and there are many other activities to do.

Price a person € 695,-- (price depending of the current rate)