Buggy Tour Genipabú

By buggy to Genipabú along the North coast of Natal is an unforgettable trip. Along 9 beaches, 3 lakes and 4 different areas of dunes, where you can even make a ride on a dromedary.
For the daredevils uBuggy Tour Genipabunder us a popular trip to let their adrenaline flow. Under the guidance of a driver you can have the most breath taking buggy tour of your lifetime, in the highest sand dunes of Brazil. If you choose 'with emotion' than you will go with high speed up and down the steepest dunes. A heart breaking ride through the dunes, which you will not soon forget.
For those who have not felt enough adrenaline there is still the opportunity to sandboarding or by a slider, starting from a dune and end up in the local lake.
Usually there will be made another ride over the beach with a crossing on a raft over the Ceara-Mirin river. After that there is some time to relax on Praia Jacuma before we return home.
Don't forget your swimming gear! This excursion is one of the most popular tours of Natal.

Price € 165.00 by buggy. Up to 4 people by buggy