About us

Natal Tourist Guide is an organization that provides tourist excursions in Natal, Brazil.

Natal excursion holidayFor most tourists Brazil is still an unknown area. A country with all the ingredients for a wonderful holiday in the sun, but also with a high threshold through the unknown and above all, a language barrier.

However, we want to place our priority above all in giving you as much as possible information and knowledge.
Your holiday must be a great experience for you to look back at with a good feeling.
We will give you as much as possible information in advance.

With our information and wide range of excursions we can be a pleasant addition to your holiday. So please, look around on our website and let you inform and enjoy when you are still at home! Natal excursie bus vakantie

Especially look at all the different kind of excursions that we offer. From a city tour into a 3 day adventure to a nature reservat.

Everything is possible with Natal Tourist Guide! We are your new friend on your holiday!